Saturday, January 14, 2017

December Meeting 2016

December 14, 2016
The Barn in Mariemont
Co-Presidents Janine Keaton and Ellen Berninger presiding

Happy Holidays from the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild! Many surprises were in store at this meeting! The much anticipated zipper pouch swap, show and tell and celebrating over delicious snacks and drinks.

Ice Breaker: What will you be sewing during the Holidays?
We received a wide range of answers to the ice breaker question! They included:

·         Devoting time to a 10 year old UFO!
·         Traveling anywhere from Texas to visit family, to trekking across Europe for 2 weeks.
·         Sewing gifts for others
·         Working on the lovely CMQG charity quilt for QuiltCon
·         UFOs!
·         Baby Booties
·         Taking a relaxing break

Guild News
Don’t forget that your CMQG membership fees are due in January. Membership cost is $40 for the year. In addition our elected President, Abby, passed around sign-up sheets for snacks, set up and tear down and bee blocks!

The votes are in, and we have new Guild officers in the New Year. They are as follows:
1.       President – Abby Graham
2.       Vice President- Amy Thonnerieux
3.       Treasurer – Christine Doyle 
4.       Secretary – Natalie Crabtree
5.       Member at Large- Carol Caulkins
6.       Education – Dana Kuhnline

Show and Tell

Tara showed us her colorful batik quilt

Tara also used her mathematical skills to add one way sashing into this darling quilt

Ellen showed us her Holiday quilts for her goddaughters

Abby shared her completed GenXQuilter workshop quilt

Christine brought a gift for her mother that includes bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics. A matching one for her father is in the works!

Holly brought an adorable strawberry themed quilt for her mom, as well as a modern table runner

Kay impressed with a Texas quilt for her relatives. She will be gifting this during her travels. She also presented her 'Man Quilt' that is also a gift! 

We look forward to our next meeting on January 11, 2017. May the New Year bring you fabric, endless bobbin thread and much joy! 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

November Meeting 2016

November 9 ,2016
The Barn in Mariemont
Co-Presidents Janine Keaton and Ellen Berninger presiding

Welcome Allie Adams to the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild! The November meeting was the first she has attended.

Ice Breaker: What 'quilty' items are you excited to give or get this holiday season?
The holidays are just around the corner and our members are excited to give and receive! We are excited to receive:
     - An AccuCut system to simply their cutting process and to help save/utilize scraps
     - Gift certificates
     - Surprise quilty items from family members
 Answers we received for things we’re excited to gift included: 
      -Baby quilts
      -A quilt for Kay’s nephew
      -Zipper pouches for family and friends
      -UFO t-shirt quilt for a firefighter husband!

Janine passed around the Holiday Party food/drink sign-up sheet. The holiday party will happen on Wednesday December 14, 2016. Be there or be square! Please feel free to bring show and tell items as well. You can find the sign-up on the facebook page if you would like to contribute. Food items can include any of the following:
o   Drinks
o   Salads/Veggies
o   Snacks
o   Desserts
o   Main Dish/Casserole
o   Soups
Please bring your zipper pouches for our zipper pouch swap to the December meeting!

Election Time! We voted on the 2017 CMQG officers at our November meeting. The ladies on the ballot are as follows:
1.       President – Abby Graham
2.       Vice President- Amy Thonnerieux
3.       Treasurer – Ellen McKee
4.       Secretary – Natalie Crabtree
5.       Member at Large- Carol Calkins
6.       Education – Dana Kuhnline
Members also had the option to write in a candidate on the ballot. 

Show and Tell:

Show and Tell items included some festive and fun Halloween pillows. 

Christine presented her pinwheel medallion quilt.

Kay showed us her scrappy exploding star block quilt. No fabric was used twice in this quilt! 468 different fabrics!

Natalie shared her gypsy wife quilt and paper pieced ugly Christmas sweaters.

 Janine shared her lovely improv quilt made from a wide variety of fabrics that were given to her! What creativity!

Please note that the December sew-in has been cancelled.

October Meeting 2016

October 12 ,2016 
 The Barn in Mariemont 
 Co-Presidents Janine Keaton and Ellen Berninger presiding

If you could be a quilting themed item/character for Halloween, what would you be?
At the beginning of the meeting, Ellen asked guild members what quilting themed costume they would wear for Halloween. We received some very creative answers including:
o   Rotary cutter
o   A fancy British paper piecing project
o   Flying goose
o   Spool of thread
o   Applique flower
o   A thread catcher (Because we all end up with thread all over us anyway!)
o   And a group favorite, a Sexy Hexy

Charity Update:
 The charity quilt has been pieced and is ready for quilting. The next step for the QuiltCon ‘Scale’ Charity Quilt is the quilting process done by Holly.

Introduction of the Holiday Zipper Pouch Swap
                Dana has organized a voluntary Holiday Zipper Pouch Swap for guild members. Some of the details are as follows:

o   This is a secret swap, you will be assigned a secret pal for which you receive likes/dislikes and other useful information on.
o   Please sew a zipper pouch of your choice and include some goodies with an approximate $10 value. Goodies could include thread, candy, sewing materials and other fun things!
o   The pouches will be exchanged at the December meeting. If you can’t make the December meeting, feel free to bring the pouch in November.
o   There is a sign up online for those who did not make the October meeting!
o   Use hashtag #CMQGpouchswap

Scale Challenge Results
 Elizabeth, Natalie and Tara completed the scale challenge assigned at the September meeting. Each created three different quilt designs using scale.

Show and Tell!
Descriptions for show and tell brought to the October meeting can be found below, photos for this guild meeting are MIA! 
o   Christine brought a quilt that she had made years ago but recently added borders.
o   Holly made a lovely bag with the lining sewn into a seam to avoid a ‘saggy’ lining.
o    Dorothy made a pineapple quilt for a new grandbaby with a wonderful story behind it.
o   Kay presented a lovely quilt she made and showed off the gorgeous longarm work on the quilt.
o   Annie brought a colorful free motion quilt. 

Education- Zipper Pouch Tutorial
Dana demonstrated how to make a zipper pouch and gave us some very helpful tips that will come in handy for our holiday swap! Tips include:
o   Use wonder tape to hold your zipper in place while sewing. You can find this in the notions aisle.
o   Pellon SF101 interfacing is useful in creating a stiffer and sturdier feel to your zipper pouch
o   Using a zipper foot is very helpful and allows you to get closer to your zipper while sewing

Looking ahead…
          -For the education during November’s meeting, we will have a work-in-progress workshop.                 -
          -Bring whatever you feel stuck on, want advice on or want to talk about!
          -Our December meeting will be a Holiday Zipper Pouch exchange and party. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Holiday Pouch Swap!

At our October Meeting we announced our upcoming Holiday Pouch Swap. Here are the rules! If you have any questions, contact Dana.

Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild Holiday Pouch Swap!

Sign ups:         Oct 12th In person at CMQG Meeting (will receive swap partner that evening)
On-line sign ups by Wednesday, Oct 19th.

Swap Date: 
Wed, Dec 14th – If you can’t be at the December meeting, please try to have your pouch finished by the November meeting so someone else can bring it for you.
Make a zippered pouch and add goodies or extras with an approximate value of $10 (not including value of pouch). These extra surprises could include cards, candies, scraps, notions, thread, fabrics or other treats. 

Noodlehead open wide pouch is one suggestion, but you can make another pouch if you think your partner would like it. 

Social Media:            
Please keep your swap partner a secret – but do consider posting hints, ideas, progress and questions to Instagram with the hashtag #CMQGpouchswap so that other folks can see what you’re working on! You can also post updates to the facebook page. 

If you want to join the pouch swap, fill out the form below by Wednesday, October 19th!