Monday, January 26, 2015

January Meeting 2015

January 14, 2015
Centennial Barn
Secretary Christine Doyle presiding


National Dues: The national Modern Quilt Guild dues were due this month. As you may recall, we joined in July of last year and paid for half the year. Now our dues will need to be paid in January. Michelle has paid based on our December membership.

Guild Dues: Normally, we would begin collecting our guild dues in February, but because the national guild dues needed to be paid, we are starting our dues collection early. Dues are $40 per year. With that money we pay the national guild and fund projects here in our own guild. If you did not pay at the January meeting, please bring a check or cash to the February meeting.

Guild Elections: At the February meeting, we will be electing officers for 2015. There's still time to sign up, if you're interested in running. Just e-mail Michelle. The positions available are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-At-Large.

Charity Update: Ellen is working on finding a children's charity to which we can donate quilts. The Homeward Bound organization at the Brighton Center in Northern Kentucky suggested we contact the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky, which Ellen will do next.

FAB Collective: Susan Austin told us about a new group forming at the Barn in Mariemont. It's the Fiber Arts at the Barn Collective, and Susan is in charge of finding instructors to teach fiber arts classes. There will also be regular meet-ups for fiber arts enthusiasts. To learn more, contact Susan at or check out

February Meeting: For the guild challenge, make a name tag if you haven't done so yet. The meeting will be Wednesday, February 11, at 7pm at the Centennial Barn.

Round Robin

This month starts the next session of Round Robin quilts. For those of you not familiar with these, whoever wants to participate brings a starter block. This starter block gets passed around to other members of the team who make a block to go with that starter block. Each team member has two months to make that block, which then gets brought to a meeting and gets passed to someone else on the team. The person who initiated the block can include fabric they want the team members to use or list guidelines they'd like the team to follow.

Here are some photos from the first round:

Brooke's round robin is a star quilt–any pattern, any size. She'd just like them all to have a navy background.
Wendy would also like a star quilt. Or asterisks are good, too.

Robin provided a book of quilt blocks and jewel-toned fabrics for her quilt.

Kathy is looking for help finishing up a confetti quilt she started. Team members will be asked to make a confetti block with her pattern and white background fabric.

Janine would like her round robin quilt to be winter themed.

Ellen M. would like a quilt with red fabrics and white prints for the background.

New member Ellen is looking for her team members to make blocks similar to this one with jewel tones and neutrals.

Carrie make this block a while back, and now it's the starter block for her nature-themed round robin quilt.
Lesley created packets for each team member to use and add their own fabrics to.
Kara would like this to be the center of a symmetrical medallion quilt.

Annie would like more of this same block using fabrics she provided.

Show and Tell 

Robin made this Christmas Swoon quilt in time for the holidays.

The back of Robin's Christmas quilt.
Carolyn found this book at the library and is really liking the comparisons between traditional quilts and modern quilts.

Lesley made this quilt for the grandchild of a friend.

The back of Lesley's quilt.
Annie worked on this charity quilt using donated fabrics.

The back of the charity quilt.
Abby made this for a mini quilt swap.

Brooke made this for the same mini quilt swap.

The back of Brooke's swap quilt.

Carrie's mini quilt for the same swap.

Monday, January 12, 2015

December Meeting 2014

December 10, 2014
Centennial Barn
President Michelle Kirby presiding


Round Robin: The next Round Robin/ Traveling Quilt session will begin in January. Bring your starter block and any fabrics you'd like to pass along with your block as well as any instructions you'd like your team members to follow when making something for your quilt. Teams will be determined at the January meeting.

Officer Elections: Elections will take place at the February meeting. If you're interested in running for any of the five positions, please let a board member know at the January meeting. The five positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large.

Dues: Membership dues for the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild and the national Modern Quilt Guild are $40 total for 2015. Please bring your money to the January meeting so that we can pay our upcoming national dues. Cash or checks, made out to the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, are accepted.

Charity: Ellen shared that the next charity we'll be making quilts for is the Brighton Center's  Homeward Bound Shelter for youth. More at the January meeting.


  • Also at the meeting, the ten members who participated in the Holiday Swap exchanged gifts. 
  • At Show and Tell, Ellen shared a quilt she made for Do Good Stitches. Carrie and Christine both made bags. Kathy pieced together her Round Robin quilt top. Kay made a baby quilt; Lesley made a quilt with batiks. Annie showed a piece she made at a free-motion quilting class at Sewn Studio. And Heather shared her Quilt Con quilt.
  • This meeting was also our annual pot luck. Members brought delicious soups, salads, appetizers, and desserts.
Next meeting to take place on January 14, 2015, at 7pm at Centennial Barn, 110 Compton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Traveling Quilts: Final Round

The final round of the first CMQG round robin/ traveling quilts sessions ended at the November meeting. Here all the blocks for each person's quilt were hung on a design wall for everyone to see.

Note: You can sign up for the next round of round robin/ traveling quilts at the December meeting. Then bring your first block and any fabrics you want others to include in their blocks for you to the January meeting.

The blocks for Amy's modern sampler quilt.

The blocks for Christine's shark quilt.

The blocks for Christy's nautical quilt.

The blocks for Ellen's motion-themed quilt.

The sewn blocks for Gillian's low-volume quilt.

The blocks for Janine's quilt.

The blocks for Jessica's circle-themed quilt.

The blocks for Kathy's modern triangles quilt.

The blocks for Kay's flying geese quilt.

Detail of the newest block added to Kay's quilt.

The blocks for Kayla's house quilt.

The blocks for Kim's mini-quilt-block quilt.

The blocks for Michelle's quilt.

The many pieces for Teresa's quilt.

November Meeting 2014

November 12, 2014
Centennial Barn


Guild Elections: Start thinking about running for CMQG offices. Let Michelle know if you're running by the January meeting. Elections will be at the February meeting. New officers start at the March meeting. The officers we elect each year are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and member-at-large.

Next Round Robin/ Traveling Quilt Session: Sign up for the next round robin/ traveling quilt session at the December meeting. Then bring your starter block (and any fabrics you'd like the other members of your group to use) to the January meeting to kick off the fun.

December Meeting: This meeting will be a potluck dinner. Bring the food item for which you signed up, or if you didn't get a chance to sign up, bring your favorite dish to pass. Also, if you signed up for the holiday swap, bring the gift for the person to whom you were assigned.

Show and Tell

A baby quilt Annie made.

Quilt Annie made for a St. Ursala student.

Coordinating quilt Annie made for another St. Ursala student, the sister to the first.

A wall hanging Annie made based on the movie Up for a friend's new baby whose nursery is Disney themed.
A foldover clutch Abby made.
Family reunion quilt that Kim made. It's been passed through the family via white elephant auctions.
Charity quilt Shonna started at the October sew-in and finished at home.
Quilt Ruth made in honor of her hometown of Lockland, Ohio. In the making of this quilt, she learned that sewing buildings that look like buildings is kind of hard.
Carole's been working on her hexie challenge project.
Lesley made this quilt with aboriginal fabrics and a clean design.
Pam finished a few more Swoon blocks for her quilt. She's not sure if the pink one will make the cut, though.
Teresa's Christmas wall hanging.
Pillow Brooke made using a Jaybird pattern.

Brooke's adorable fox quilt made from an Elizabeth Hartman pattern.
Wendy's wonky stars pillow.

Wendy's pinwheel quilt made with zombie fabrics. Jill did the quilting with a spiderweb motif.
Heather's improv pineapple quilt that she made with about 80 different colors of fabric.
Christine's lattice quilt top that has some stretching issues due to fabrics cut on the bias.
Robin's modern sampler quilt.
A quilt Amy is making to give as a wedding gift.
A charity quilt Michelle quilted on Ellen's longarm machine. Michelle used the cheater binding technique (where you fold the backing forward to make the binding), but she found it harder and more time-consuming than a regular sewn on binding.
Janine's Micheal Miller pastel challenge quilt. Her goal was to make a modern quilt using the challenge fabrics.

Carole's Michael Miller pastel challenge quilt. She used two layers of batting to achieve the very raised parts of the quilting.


Carrie and Michelle talked about modern quilting and how that sets this guild apart from other creative guilds in the city. As Michelle stated in her follow-up e-mail:

"The bottom line is, we are the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild. There were other guilds in town when this baby was created, so it was created with a specific purpose to serve a particular group. It's not just another local quilting guild. It's a modern quilting guild.

"We want to inspire people with the modern aesthetic that most people joined this group to see, to learn from and to experience. You should come to the modern quilt guild to show modern works. Someone gave a great example last night in that you go to the Museum of Modern Art expecting to see modern art. Our Guild is no different."

"Thank you for helping us hone in on recapturing what this guild is intended to be....the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild."